Maslul: Jewish Family Journey

Mordechai Kaplan famously insisted that to educate a child without including the larger family is akin to heating a house but leaving the window open.

It is the goal of Maslul: Jewish Family Journey for local families to “close the window” and engage in meaningful family-based Jewish education over the course of a year.

Maslul will take place one Sunday each month at 10:00 a.m., beginning on November 14, 2021.

Maslul is piloting a different paradigm of Jewish education and aspires to empower parents to become Jewish role models that are confident in their ability to lead their family in their own unique Jewish journey.

Maslul imagines a community-driven educational model designed with both family-based projects and age-appropriate parallel learning tracks for both children and adults.

Best for families with children in kindergarten and first grade.

Cost: $180 per family

For more information, please contact the Y’s Norman E. Alexander Center for Jewish Life Director Rabbi Ari Perten at

Program Director

Martin Yafe
Chief Program Officer
212-569-6200 x248

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